Archaeology is a fascinating field of study that has revealed a great deal about the history of the island of Ireland. Ireland is one of the most ancient inhabited islands in the world. The archaeological record of Ireland is both extensive and diverse. It begins with the oldest signs of human activity in the Mesolithic period and continues all the way up to the more recent evidence of the Viking and Norman invasions. The archaeological record of Ireland is particularly important for understanding the development of Irish culture and society as well as the impact of foreign influences on the island. In addition, archaeological evidence has been used to offer light on the history of Irish religion, the development of Irish art and architecture, and the beginnings of the Irish language. Archaeological and landscape studies have shed light on the daily lives of the people who have inhabited Ireland at various points throughout its history.

Timeline of Irish Archaeology

Key Archaeological Sites in Ireland

Brú na Bóinne

Archaeological Features in Ireland

Megalithic Tombs
Hut Sites
Prehistoric Rock Art

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Megalithic Tombs

Stone Circles